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Here are some ways to laugh, play, and learn with your preschooler

that are fun for YOU, too!


Pinky and Ray love telling jokes -

especially Punny Jokes.

Pinky and Ray's PJs
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Does YOUR family have a Punny Joke you like to tell? Send it to Pinky!

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Pinky Daze

Life with a preschooler is an adventure, every single day - especially when that preschooler is a jackalope.

Pinky Daze

Pinky Daze

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Brain Sprinkles

Do you love learning?

Pinky does too. These learning activities are SUPER fun to do!

Brain Sprinkles
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Meet the Prairie Puppets


Hi, Pinky Pie!

Pinky Pie is a jackelope. She is high-spirited and very innovative. She loves imaginative play, especially dress-up, and her favorite toy is a stuffed dinosaur.

Hi, Marshmallow!

Marshmallow is a weasel. He has an indomitable spirit, a thirst for adventure, and a very punny sense of humor. His favorite activities include playing with his Smoremobile and going to the lake with his friends.


Hi, Lollipop!

Lollipop is a llama. Lolli lives on a farm and loves learning new things, especially about how the world works, and enjoys conducting experiments and exploring new ideas.