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Radiant Experiences

Preschoolers learn best when they play with the Growed Ups they love best.

That's YOU!

Community and School Events

Big Feeling DAZE

During Big Feeling Daze events, Pinky and Ray share a time when Pinky experienced a Big Feeling.

Through original stories, songs, and activities, families are invited to explore the Big Feeling with Pinky and Ray, as well as some healthy ways to manage it.


These high-energy events will get the whole family playing along!


Radiant currently offers three original Big Feeling Daze stories:

Pinky's Nervous Day

Making friends

Pinky's Frustrating Day

Calming techniques

Pinky's Disappointing Day



45 minutes of non-stop fun!

$500 regular rate

$300 school rate

Virtual options and rates available upon request

*additional charge for mileage may apply

Family DAZE

What happens when Growed ups and kids play together?

Family and Small Group Events

Plan Your DAZE

Types of DAZE

Splatter Paint
Super Hero Costumes
  • Gather a group of 2 to 8 people (minimum 1 adult).

  • Choose a location with space to move around...and maybe make a mess. Yards and garages work great!

  • Wear comfy clothes that can get dirty.

  • Be ready for anything!!!

Will your DAZE be filled with...

  • A HILARIOUS movie?

  • A FANTASTIC fort?

  • A SUPER-messy mural?


$300 Sunrise

Does mess make you stress? No worries - Sunrise DAZE are light on mess and bright on fun!

$400 High Noon

Have time for something a little...messier? Then it's time to put both hands up for the High Noon DAZE!

$500 Super Radiant

This mess is so bright, you'll need to wear shades. (And possibly a rain poncho.)

*additional charge for mileage may apply

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