About Radiant Productions

Creating Wonderful Connections

Welcome to Radiant Productions!

We are a small creative studio located in northern Montana. Our aim is to create fun, engaging content for adults and children that helps us all examine and understand the whirlwind that is the early childhood years. You may find yourself identifying with some of the crazy characters or situations in our videos, and sharing them with others who will "get it" too. That's wonderful!


Making connections is what Radiant is all about.

We work hard to have fun here at Radiant, and we also look hard for ways to show empathy and compassion to one another. We know that these skills are essential for connecting with one another. We also know that people (and jackelopes) don't always get it right - and that's okay. Like all life skills, learning how to reach out with our hearts and connect with others just takes a little practice.

Enjoy your time here at Radiant; we love exploring the world with that childlike sense of wonder, and hope that you will too.


Have an idea you would like to see us explore? Visit the Contact Us page and drop us a note!

Sometimes all we need is a little wonder.


Rachel Hutchison

Rachel Hutchison grew up in the small frontier town of Havre in north-central Montana.  She holds a Bachelors in Writing and Communication from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and a Masters in Creative Writing from the Harvard Extension School in Cambridge, MA.

Rachel has focused her creative endeavors on serving her community, primarily as a writer and performer. She has written numerous one-act plays for local events, including fundraisers and charity functions. She also has a ten-year history with Montana Actors Theatre; her directing credits include Fiddler on the Roof and Grease and she played principal roles in Chicago, Mary Poppins, and Charlotte’s Web.

Rachel's career history includes project management, strategic planning, fundraising, business writing and marketing, and children’s ministry. In 2019, she launched Radiant Productions to meet the need of our youngest Montanans to feel seen and heard in our media-driven culture.

Rachel is a classically trained vocalist and loves to sing. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, quilling, and hiking in the mountains with her beloved dog, Amber.